January 2015

Ahoy there fellow landlubbers and a happy New Year to ye all, me hearties! Where did 2014 go?

Progress updates have been a little sparse... or should we say non-existent? However, 2014 has by no means been a time for idle hands and things are hotting up here on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, with plans afoot and ideas brewing. We shall soon bore you with all the details and them some... Just you wait and see!

January 2014

Well, here's to another new year... Moodbully updates have been a little slack over the past 8-9 months, but normal service will resume in 2014! So far it's been the start of many a new thing - new year, new view, new county, new headquarters and the start of many a good thing to come... As of the start of the year Moodbully Management is now based in sunny (?) North Yorkshire and we'll be out and about really soon to check on the local talent!

In the meantime, Happy New Year! Make 2014 the one that counts!

June 2013

The start of the summer would not be the same without a yearly visit to Download... This year was special though. Never have I been tongue tied or star struck until I met this man! A true genius and amazingly versatile musician!

What else is there to say... It's been another fun filled weekend full of sunshine & showers (what else!) and amazing music/bands. It's always a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meeting loads of interesting new people.

March 2013

If the band are to be believed, Truth, Lies & Half Lies will blow your socks off! Their best album yet... Over the years, the band's sound has matured and with each album they seem to be taking a slightly heavier approach.

Charlottie and Magoo have spent most of this month busily recording vocals and in true Magoo style, there will be a few surprises thrown in too...

All & Magoo hard at work...

February 2013

Recording is well underway now for the next Mr So & So album. Stuart has recorded all drum parts and Dave and Magoo have been busy recording most of the guitars and bass. During March Charlottie and Magoo will be working on the vocals arrangements.

The band are well on track for a May 2013 release. Here's a little sneaky peek of what to expect:

The running album has yet to be decided but the following tracks can be found on album number 5:

Truth, Lies & Half Lies
Time for Change
House of Dreams
You're Coming Home
Looking Glass

January 2013

Happy New Year! Here's to a musical 2013... It promises to be a good one!

Mr So & So will soon hit the studio again to start recording Truth, Lies & Half Lies. Once again, they will be working with the amazing, knob-twiddling whiz kid - Mr Al Unsworth!

December 2012

I can't believe yet another December has crept up on us... the slow wind-down for Christmas will soon begin in earnest, giving us an opportunity to catch our breath as there's loads of exciting plans afoot for the New Year!

Wear your party hats with pride and play your music LOUD!

November 2012

Mr So & So's music pledge to raise the much needed funds to record their next studio album Truth, Lies & Half Lies surpasses all expectation and achieves 112% of target. You can still pledge here.


October 2012

Having just returned from a well deserved break, there has been plenty of planning and plotting going on at Moodbully HQ. As always, keep 'em peeled for more details to follow soon...

September 2012

A busy month, preparing flyers and assorted marketing material for the new student intake of UK Unsigned.

August 2012

Another amazing weekend at Cambridge Rock Festival! One of the most underrated festivals, but oh so worth visiting. Make sure you're there next year!

Once again, Mr So & So stole the show...

Mr So & So plan to record their next album 'Truths, Lies & Half Lies' early next year and could do with your help to raise the funds needed.

If you would like to help this talented bunch from 'up north', then release those moths from your wallet and pledge here!

July 2012

July has been a little quiet, especially after missing out on the yearly Sonisphere fix, but hey, it would have rained anyway... so far this year every event has been plagued with the wet stuff and sticky mud!

There is, however, lots of planning and plotting going on behind the scenes... more of that later!

June 2012

A very wet and muddy weekend at Download Festival...

But what an amazing line-up! Lots of work, fun and play - roll on the next one!

Tim Donahue's 2004 release, Madmen & Sinners hits the number 1 spot in the Amazon Jazz charts.

May 2012

Nothing much to report this month, I'm afraid! It's the calm before the storm... catching our breath before the mayhem of summer festivals starts.

April 2012

And another website done...

A very musical client... so there is a link (of sorts)!

March 2012

It's finally done! It's been a little while in the making but earlier this month Steve Mercy's brand spanking new website went 'live'.

One down, several more to go...

Also, check out Steve's live performance on the Sanctuary podcast, which will air on 31st March 2012. Here's where to find it: Sanctuary Xposed.

February 2012

Knee deep in website design for several new clients, the first of which should go 'live' very soon! And if that isn't enough... there's also a lot of work going on in the background in preparation for exciting times to come!

January 2012

Happy New Year!

After a well deserved break work will soon be underway designing a promotional campaign for Steve Mercy. Already 2012 promises to be an exciting and music filled year...

Don't forget... Mr So & So will be making a rare appearance at 'The House of Progression' (The Peel) in Kingston on Saturday 4th February 2012, where they will be joined on stage by none other than Marillions Steve Rothery!

See you there!

December 2011

Amazing reviews of Damian's extremely well received retrospective album have been coming in thick and fast, including both a 2 page Q&A feature and a half page album in Classic Rock Presents Prog.

Let the great wind-down to a well deserved Christmas break begin...


November 2011

November 4th saw the release of Damian Wilson's long awaited retrospective "I Thought The World Was Listening" followed by an awesome UK album launch party on 27th November at London's 12 Bar Club.

Towards the end of November Moodbully signed Steve Mercy. In the New Year we will embark on an extensive promotional campaign and to keep him out of mischief, he will soon be out gigging - watch out for Stevey at a venue near you! We're dead excited to have Stevey on board...

After several false starts Book of Secrets have finally opened the first chapter in their adventures in the key of classic rock!

October 2011

October's prime focus has been the promotion of Damian Wilson's new album release with a steady flow of promo packs leaving Moodbully HQ at regular intervals to key media contacts across the UK.

September 2011

Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace & Maiden UniteD) revealed the artwork and track listing for his forthcoming album I Thought The World Was Listening 1997-2011, which is slated for release on 28th October 2011. The first wave of press releases informing UK media to this effect have left Moodbully HQ on 21st September 2011.

The album comprises 31 tracks, spread over 2 CD's and is a culmination of material spanning Damian's 14 year solo career and includes re-mastered tracks as well as re-recorded versions of important songs and previously unreleased material.

Disc 1
1. Disciple
2. Commune
3. Beating Inside
4. Please Don't Leave Me 'Til I Leave You
5. Never Close The Door
6. One Life
7. A Long Way Home
8. Naturally *
9. Homegrown (original demo version)
10. Adam's Child
11. Quietly Spoken *
12. When I Leave This Land
13. She's Like A Fable (feat. Rick Wakeman)
14. Spin **
15. See You There ***
16. Wedding Song **

Disc 2
1. Array Of Lights **
2. Brightest Way
3. Light In The Middle
4. Smile
5. For The One I Long **
6. Warning Light
7. Moment Of Your Doubt **
8. Naked
9. Subway
10. Fine Weather *
11. Nothing In This World Remains The Same *
12. Just The Way It Goes
13. Feels Good
14. Nothing Without You
15. Part Of Me *

* new version ** previously unreleased *** Hidden track on Disciple

I Thought The World Was Listening 1997-2011 is currently available for pre-order via Damian's official website and will soon be made available through major retailers and digital download sites.

Mr So & So started the month off rather excitingly by giving the world a sneaky peek at what's in store for their future releases...

They retraced their steps to Forge Studio in Oswestry for the first time since Sugarstealer and were once again re-enforced by the talents of mix engineer grand wizard Al Unsworth for the recording of Apophis and You're Coming Home. These two tracks spell the beginning of a new era, a step into a much weightier and bigger sounding musical direction for these northern stars...

Here's a little taster... Apophis in all its raw glory - enjoy!!


Lastly, work for UK Unsigned kicked off in earnest during September and we're really excited about working with Sherry Nicholls again, especially on such a worth while project! More on this soon.

August 2011

The wonderfully talented and all-round nice guys and gal that are Mr So & So put on an amazing performance at the Cambridge Rock Festival.

July 2011

Well, what can I say... what an amazing weekend at Sonisphere! The challenge of putting the tent up in gale force winds as well as torrential rainfall did not dampen the spirits. A weekend of work and play in equal proportions gave ample opportunity to meet up with some interesting people as well as an impromptu business meeting to discuss plans hatched last month in more detail... all will be revealed during August!

And because I had such an amazing time at the Threshold gig in Kingston, catching up with old friends as well as making new ones... Here's a little taster of 'the vibe' !


June 2011

Exciting new plans are being hatched... keep 'em peeled, more news soon!

May 2011

If you are reading this, then the all new refocused website has gone live. I have spent the last few weeks rethinking the 'Moodbuly' approach, then feeding and watering the niggly little seed that was planted quite a while back... thanks Bernie!

You may have already heard the rumours... and yes, they're true! Southampton based Jadis are once again dusting off their instruments for some live dates - you can catch them on 17th June at The Talking Heads in Southampton, 18th June at The Peel in Kingston upon Thames and on the 19th June at The Roadhouse in Birmingham. Here's a golden oldie to get you in the mood...


April 2011

A bit of a set back for Book of Secrets has meant that we are on the look-out for a drummer again.

On a positive note - after a baby-induced hiatus Abigail's Mercy are back and raring for action!

March 2011

There's lots of behind-the-scenes activities going on. Seeds are starting to sprout and new opportunities are on the horizon...

Our thoughts, of course, go out to the people of Japan, after the devastating earthquake there on 11th March. We have had word from Tim Donahue, who was in Tokyo when the 'quake struck but managed to safely make it home to Mishima, some 100 km away.

On a completely unrelated note, if ever you have the chance to see Devin Townsend don't hesitate! He's as mad as a box of frogs and utterly brilliant!

February 2011

Work has started on an exciting new project that goes by the name of Book of Secrets. Keep 'em peeled, more to follow soon!

January 2011

Happy New Year! To cheer you up, now that the season of over indulgence is well and truly behind us, feast your eyes on this - Mr So & So's brand spanking new, freshly hoovered and newly polished video clip for 'Bi-Polar'


At the start of the new year, Moodbully handed over the reigns for the Kyrbgrinder campaign to their newly appointed management representative, who will continue to build on the successes of the past 2 years.




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